Yavorov hut

GPS coordinates: N 41.825642, E 23.378207

Is it possible at a territory of only 440, 413km² to find countless opportunities to meet the nature? Do you want to walk on the eco trail to the coziest hut in Bulgaria? Do you want to meet the sunrise on one of the highest peaks of Pirin and send the day staring at "Stapalata” (The stairs) leading to the sky? Have you ever dreamed of starting the day with a cup of aromatic tea made ​​of herbs gathered high in the mountain?

Situated in “Polyanite” area of the river “Razlojki Suhodol”, the hut welcomes its guests all year round with a cozy atmosphere, good food and spectacular views. The hut is close to the largest alpine karst area in Pirin mountain.

Yavorov hut is the starting point for the trekking routes on the main ridge of the northern part of Pirin.

The hut is also a starting point for many destinations in Pirin Mountain:

  1. Haidushka cheshma – 40min
  2. “Stapalata” - “The Stairs” – 1h
  3. Suhodolsko lake – 2h
  4. The phenomenon “Koncheto” ridge – 4h
  5. Vihren Peak – 7h
  6. Pogledets Peak – 1h
  7. Sredonosa -1.30h
  8. The spring of “Byala reka” river – 2h
  9. Dautov vrah Peak – 3h
  10. Pirin Peak – 5h
  11. Yavorov Hut to Predela area – 6h.

The hut is fully renovated and is one of the most visited in Bulgaria. It has six double rooms with bathroom and satellite TV, one apartment, four triple rooms without bathroom and shared room. The hut constantly has hot water and central heating. It is open all year round; the restaurant offers delicious food.

Repaired and renovated in 2012 the old Yavorov hut has 21 beds – one room with five beds, one room with 4 beds and 2 rooms with 6 beds. The hut has a kitchen and dining room where tourists can cook their own food. The hut also has a barbecue which is a favorite place for independent group events from the tourists.           

Give yourself some unforgettable moments in the Yavorov hut, sheltered in the beautiful nature of Pirin mountain!


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