Spa hotel Aspa Vila

SPA Hotel Aspa Vila is a place where you and your friends and family can enjoy unforgettable moments and divine pleasure while straying away from the dynamic and stressful nature of modern lifestyle.

We are located in Banya Village – SPA center, located in the central part of Razlog hollow, right in between the beautiful mountains Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes. Aspa Vila is only 5 km. away from the famous ski restort Bansko. The unique nature and forgiving climate combine with the resources of the region to provide a perfect environment for both winter and summer tourism as well as SPA-oriented holidays.




Additional Info

  • Address:
    2778 Banya, Bulgaria
  • Phone:
    +359 879 949 966
  • Accommodation:
    18 double rooms
    19 luxury rooms
    4 apartments
  • Hotel facilities and services:
    Outdoor swimming pool with hot mineral water
    4 outdoor Jacuzzis
    Internet access
    Restaurant with barbecue
    Steam bath
    Therapeutic massages
    Aroma Therapy
    Chocolate and wine therapy
  • Activities:
    Billiards / chess / darts
    Bike and ATV
    Horseback riding
    Walking and hiking on mountain eco routes
    Golf (only 7 km from the hotel in Pirin Golf Club)
    Additional sports activities can be organized
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