Wild goat trail

Everyone who chooses to take the eco trail will eventually be in the area of the Balkan wild goat and in good weather and if in luck, one could see it. The trail shows a small part of our most precious national riches – our preserved wild nature.

The trail named after the wild goat starts from the village of Banya, continues to Gorno and Dolno Draglishte villages. Its walking part starts from the region, called "Bialata prast" ("The White soil") over Dobarsko from 1070m altitude and reaches 2025m altitude until it reaches the treeless zone in the mountain. Next is the trail towards "Makedonia" hut, passing by “Dobarsko” hut (1750m altitude).

There are 9 signs and 5 places for rest all over the trail. The trail has low to middle difficulty. You can go it for 3.30 hours. It is suitable for children and people from all ages with different physical training. The route allows you to choose a trail with the most suitable for you duration, make short or longer breaks and be able to go back till the end of the day. Each of you who has decided to spend more time in the mountains can spend the night in one of the huts and continues the walk in the alpine part of the forest on the next day.

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