“1000 people in traditional costumes in one place”

Something different happens in Razlog on the second day of Easter. An event held in Razlog reveals the folklore abundance and variety on the territory of the municipality. This is the festival “1000 people in traditional costumes in one place”, which gathers more than a thousand people, dressed in traditional costumes in the center of Razlog.

It is known that Bulgarian national costume is one of the major characteristics in the folklore. The national costume is traditional clothing that has a specific meaning in everyday and festive activities of the Bulgarians. Every region of the country has its traditional costume with specific motives that cannot be seen anywhere else.

There is certain code in the ornaments of the Bulgarian costumes which in the past carried information about the family origin, the region of the country – the clothing always had its own message.

Traditional costumes in Razlog are preserved and passed on from generation to generation. Costumes with 100 years of history are preserved in some homes in Razlog. All year round master tailors create new costumes; their greatest joy is to recognize their creation when people wear it in the big ‘horo’ (traditional Bulgarian dance) that usually takes place in the center of the town.

Local people and guests of the town take part in the festival of the traditional costumes, all dressed in costumes and playing ‘horo’. Being part of the festival “1000 people in traditional costumes in one place” you will be carried away in a world where traditional costumes, music and dances rule. With long and colorful ‘horo’, people in Razlog all dressed in costumes, show the beauty of traditions, the magic of traditional costumes and the their love to the birthplace and their faith in the future.

During the centuries Razlog has preserved its traditions and customs that are revived from the people dresses in traditional costumes, passed on from generation to generation and carefully preserved through the years.


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