'Kulinoto' ski resort

Learn to ski!

'Kulinoto' is waiting for you!

In the northern part of Pirin Mountain at 1400 meters above sea level is situated the mountain ski resort – 'Kulinoto'. It is nestled in an old beech forest 14 km away from Razlog and just 2 km from "Predel" area. “Kulinoto” is famous place for recreation for the people from Razlog and surrounding villages. It offers to the tourists and local people good conditions for skiing in the winter. Ski courses are organized every winter; everybody can join in and enjoy the unforgettable ski experience and unique beauty of Pirin Mountain during the winter.
The ski track is 1300 m long and offers conditions for all kinds of winter sports. The ski center has two ski lifts - for adults and children.

Bansko ski resort is only 5 km away from Razlog.


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